Alphonse Oloo

Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Talent agent

Alfi is a founder and talent agent in the tech field, specialising in coaching and representing leading speakers and thought leaders. His expertise spans advertising, fintech, and smart technology, including IoT.

In advertising, he honed his passion for communication and presentation. Fintech exposed him to managing large teams and the effectiveness of podcasting, while IoT ignited his interest in cutting-edge technologies and hardware solutions. Currently, with his friend and research partner Abby Covert, Alfi is a resident instructor at the Sensemakers Club, where he is co-creating a peer-mentorship and self-directed learning framework.

And finally, CampFire, an ed-tech startup, aims to redefine education by building a new generation of mentors to lead Africa's youth to a promising future. His career trajectory showcases a blend of innovation, leadership, and a deep commitment to education and mentorship.

How i represent tech talent


Strategic Collaboration

Value & Goal Attunement

Challenges you to define your values, short-term missions and long-term goals in actionable and real ways that impact your thought leadership business


Serving Private Businesses

Professional Sounding Board

Serves as a second set of eyes and/or ears on business, collaboration and partnership opportunities to assure they are assessed through the lens of business priorities and personal valuesThey also have the opportunity to share their knowledge, contribute to their field, and potentially earn income by building learning expereinces.


Negotiation & Networking

Relationship Management

Represents you and your brand in early email responses and exploratory meetings with new partners when collaborations or partnership opportunities arise -- so you don't have to be involved unless it's worth your energy, interesting and aligned to your values and goals

Strive for more

Strive for more

Strive for more