A Story of Mentorship

A case-study following a beta trial of the Camp Fire mentorship program, piloted with South African Design studio Jack. The case study cover’s the core activities, and a high level overview of the approach.

Case Study Overview

The Goal

Bring together the vision of the founder, and the purpose and passion of the team together, in a learning experience that will empower the Jack Studios team to create a future worth working towards.

The Approach

As mentioned in the goal, there are 2 anchors for this project, the founding vision for the organisation and the personal passion and purpose of each individual member. And our task is to find a way to bridge these to ideas of the future. Wel we’ll attempt this in a few steps:

Stage 1: Understanding Motivations

Stage 2: Measurement & Workflow

Stage 3: Forecasting

Sabeeha’s Vision For Jack

Why we start with the vision (aka. Start with why)

Clearly articulating an inspirational and concise vision is a massive opportunity that too many organisations fail to make the most of. The reason i say this because that vision, is what will inspire your tribe or team into action, when you are not their to give detailed instructions. For that reason the first activity we undertook, was uncovering and defining The vision & mission of the organisation, in an easy to understand way.

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