Part 1 - Understanding Motivations

At the very core of this program, we aim to enable a conversation between the leader’s of the tribe and the members. And this conversation aims to bring the efforts of the entire tribe into a unified direction. For that reason the first thing we aim to do is get to understand the motivations of individual members, as well as the founding members of the tribe.

Using Impact to triangulate vision.

Founder - Activity 1

Because not every founder is a natural visionary, the first activity aims at getting to understand the vision as it exists, and if it doesnt then generating a vision based on the impact founder/leader currently is striving for. To effectively achieve this we must clearly understand the things that  will make up this vision.


  • Vision: Clearly and concisely describe a version of the world that is both distinctly different, and inspiring enough to capture your tribe.
  • Impact: Sometimes a problem presents itself to us less as a vision and more as an impact we would like to see in the world.
1st iteration of Jack Studio’s Vision Map

Build Rapport with the Tribe

Members  - Activity 1

Similar to the activity with the founder, we will also triangulate the purpose and passion of the Tribe members but using a slightly different approach. Modelled around Simon Sinek’s “Find your why” we will explore their past experiences and values by getting to know them using a series of autobiographical activities that encourage reflection and self exploration.

Where we would differ to that of S. Sinek would be that each activity will contribute a bit of understanding that will be looked at through a lens derived from the Japanese “Ikigai” Which is detailed further in the article about Role forecasting.

Activities for building rapport

  • “How did you end up where you are?” (45min)
  • Compare Personality test ( - 2h)
  • My ideal Collaborator  (45min)
  • Professional Values (45min)
Image Source: 16Personalities

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