Making the vision measurable with OKRs

Founder  - Activity 2

One of the reasons “visions” get ignored is, by it self a vision is not very useful, because it doesnt really help you decide what to do on a day to day basis, because it is much to lofty and abstract. 
To resolve this issue, we work with the founder to clearly map out how each team member’s efforts can contribute to the realising of the vision.

The most effective method of achieving this that i have come across, is google’s OKR Framework. The framework is explored in more depth in the Role forecasting article

2nd iteration of Jack Studio’s Vision Map

Defining the roles of today

Members - Activity 2.1

Once I as the facilitator have reasonably good idea of the personality, interests and passions of each team member, the next aim is to get an understanding of how they see their own role in the tribe they belong to. Understanding your role and how your work fits into the larger workflow of the organisation is valuable because it helps you connect your efforts to value generated by the company, align your learning and development goals with the organisation's objectives, and identify opportunities to contribute value.

This knowledge can also help you advance within the organisation by finding new ways to ad value to the work flow.

The 3 Core Offerings @ Jack

Making work visible

Members - Activity 2.2

Once we have a rough idea of what each member’s role in the organisation is, as a facilitator we want to have them break their role down into it’s constituting steps in their own words. This is of critical importance, because they will build thier learning journey with these steps as their foundation.

Leader’s and mentors will have an opportunity to contribute to the definition of the role, during the next stage, which is the role forecasting.

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